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This Guy is One of Hawaii’s Youngest Brokers

Maui, HI - June 28, 2022

‘’Persistence and determination’’, these are the key characteristics that Connor Carrigan, one of the youngest brokers in the state, considers to be the secret to success. Working full time as a real estate agent at a young age of 19, Connor is not new to failures and struggles before achieving the success he enjoys now. In his first year in the industry, he did not sell any properties despite his hard work and dedication. But instead of feeling discouraged, this pushed him to persevere even more.

This steadfast determination paid off as he now brought in and worked on over 20 deals for a total of just over $14 million. He was also voted Chair of Young Professionals Network, an organization that establishes a network and fosters connections with young leaders in the real estate industry in Maui through service to the community. With these experiences and the abundance of knowledge learned through them, Connor recognized it was time to take the next step and become a licensed real estate broker. While achieving his license, he also set a record in the process: At 22, he is one of the youngest real estate brokers in the state.

Connor’s growing success can be attributed to the people that guided him. He is a member of The 808 Team, a group of real estate professionals based in Maui. Throughout his career, he was mentored by Todd Hudson, Team Lead & Lead Listing Specialist, who described Connor as ‘’tenacious and assiduous’’. When asked about how Connor is as a mentee, Todd said: ‘’I’ve always seen potential in Connor ever since he started working with us. His steadfast commitment to the quality of work he offers to clients is incomparable. It’s always a pleasure to train young individuals like him who not only delivers great work but also responds to feedback and criticism very positively.’’

With his inherent potential and Todd’s guidance, Connor matured into a goal-driven and success-oriented professional whose priority is his client’s utmost satisfaction. “I had the pleasure of working with Connor and he is nothing short of an upstanding professional! From helping me get ready to purchase and find the perfect home here, to enlisting my multimedia services for his business, he holds himself to the highest of standards and always delivers. Would highly recommend Connor to anyone looking for someone who will go above and beyond to get their client what they want.” says one of Connor’s former clients.

Connor is living proof that one can never be too young to succeed. In reality, being young can be an advantage because it means there’s a lot of room for growth. Fresh minds like Connor can easily be molded into successful individuals if they’re properly trained and coached. Without a doubt, Connor will achieve greater heights with the help of the supportive and healthy culture of Keller Williams Maui and The 808 Team.

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