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Attilio Leonardi Delivers Message of Aloha at the Honolulu City Council Meeting

Honolulu, HI - June 23, 2022

Top Realtor Attilio Leonardi was invited by City Council Member Augie Talba to be the guest speaker during the council meeting on June 1, 2022.

Leonardi – who started his real estate journey at the age of 20 while only a Sophomore at the University of Arizona – is the co-owner and co-leader for Team Lally, which is a part of Keller Williams Honolulu. Team Lally, composed of a diverse group of agents with years of experience, is currently ranked in the Top 5 agents in the state of Hawaii for Sales & Volume. You may attribute this success to the team’s emphasis on the well-being of their team members. As Leonardi said: ‘’When you focus on the people, the profits will follow. When you focus on the profits, the people will leave.’’.

It is for the same reason that Leonardi was invited to speak during the council meeting in which he offered an inspiring message about finding the ideal team players in one’s organization. Taken from Patrick Lencioni’s book ‘’The Ideal Team Player’’, Leonardi described the three virtues of an ideal team member that make the team succeed. He noted that an organization should look for individuals who are humble, hungry, and smart.

Leonardi, quoting C.S. Lewis, expressed that being humble is not about thinking less of yourself but about thinking of yourself less. He further emphasized straying from arrogant individuals who may cause disarray in the organization. Whereas being hungry means having the drive to engage oneself in as many opportunities that fulfill one’s personal and professional skills, may it be a side hustle or a hobby. He also noted that being hungry is something innate in an individual that they can bring to the organization, not something that the organization can give to its people. Lastly, being smart means having a high emotional quotient and people skills.

Leonardi also shared what Lencioni described the individuals who have a combination of the said virtues. Someone who is only humble and hungry might leave blown-out relationships in the organization which he labels as ‘’The Accidental Messmaker’’. Meanwhile, someone who is only humble and smart is not motivated and might tend to procrastinate, thus “The Lovable Slacker’’. Lastly, someone who is only hungry and smart might be divisive in the organization, therefore ‘’The Skillful Politician’’. That is why an ideal team player has the perfect balance of these three virtues for them to contribute well to the organization.

He ended his speech by enjoining the council members to sing a few lines of ‘’I Want It That Way’’ by The Backstreet Boys – which he calls the Four Wise Men of the 90’s – to remind oneself to want and aspire to be with individuals who are humble, hungry, and smart.

Leonardi, who grew up and experienced the typical Hawaiian lifestyle of school, beach, surfing, and skateboarding, built his career as a multi-million dollar producing Real Estate Agent because of discipline, optimism, and setting high standards and goals. Now, as he continues to build and provide guidance to Team Lally, you may expect nothing but the best out of them in terms of serving their clients and the community as a whole.

You may contact Team Lally through:

CALL TODAY: (808) 234-4421


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